Get A Cluep

By Molly Curry, vendorDBauto

In 1979, I purchased a top-loading VCR for $700. You cannot purchase a top-loading VCR today, but on Amazon a GPX D200B Progressive Scan 2-Channel DVD Player with Remote Control goes for $24. The point, as many have made, is that technology gets more effective (now we stream our shows) and less expensive (demand is greater).

How you reach your target audience is getting better, too.

Internet advertising is the number one expenditure for car dealers (tv is second) according to the NADA. Marketers know that the internet has significant influence on a car shopper. Once a shopper keystrokes anything, anywhere about a car or truck, marketers capture the intention and begin the influence process.

Now, targeting photos is the next new ad thing. It makes sense. Millions of photos are posted to social sharing sites daily (Facebook: 350 million; Instagram: 52 million; Twitter: 30 million). That’s a lot of opportunity. Marrying social media photos (and soon, videos) to advertising has been invented by a company called Cluep (pronounced “kloop”). They have created an image recognition software with an AI interface that matches consumer behavior, likes, interests, lifestyle, feelings (this is new) and location to create a display ad on mobile apps and sites. Users with privacy settings enabled cannot be targeted.

On their website, they have logos from major automotive brands like GM, Jeep, Mercedes-Benz, and Toyota and there is an automotive testimonial. Cluep shows results from a regional ad campaign with impressive click through and conversion rates. See more here.

If I were a dealer, I would have a meeting with the marketing team to boost social media strategies around photo sharing and engagement. The goal? Your store brand, inventory and service programs must resonate with social media users. Getting them participating and involved early and consistently ensures future success. I would talk to my OEM about this type of advertising and if your brand is any of the brands listed above, ask for a review of the campaigns. I would also bring it up at the next Tier 2 meeting. And I would certainly investigate when this type of advertising would be available at the local level. Like that old top-loading VCR it will be out with the old and in with the new.



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